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It well be great on the day my Fitbit well not only do the things it does, but also well be able to read my blood sugars.Now I have a messed up computer, bing on it I cant get off. and now very slow.I averaged at least 10 kilometres per day and I am going to be 76 in another 8 days time.I called customer support and spoke with Mike C and he helped me to get a replacement with no hassle.After researching FitBit I learned that the FitBit Charge HR is going to be released soon.

Excellent service tracker was not working are sending a new one.Then they start to loose battery power and even though charged, they no longer will track.

On November 26th, 2015 I bought your Fitbit Surge on a Cathay Pacific flight number CX401 from Taipei to HongKong, when I arrived HongKong I sync with my laptop and found that it is not working and I would want to know how I can return and exchange for a new one.This is its purpose to track you when you are doing exercise.As a group exercise instructor at a local gym I am aware of approximately how many calories are burned during a variety of workouts.I am puzzled why a company that is creating and marketing such innovative and useful products, and who obviously has some excellent people working for it in customer relations, like you, would choose to make it so difficult for customers to find the contact information necessary to obtain warranty help.In addition to this, the sleep data is random saying things like I took 5 steps in the middle of the night but also that I never work up.I am extremely pleased that I will receive a replacement and also extremely pleased with your customer service representative.

I hate to, as I like the format of your program, but I have decided to try and find a more reliable product.From corporate responsibility to jobs, you can expect more from Target.It takes days to get a response from them too which is not acceptable.She asked me my problem and immediately set about helping me.All have functioned well until about two or Three months usage.In a period of a week I received those two pieces on separate days and overight delivery but NO TRACKER, that was on a 5-7 day delivery.

I love my Fitbit and lost it several times,and fortunately found it. however, I Lost my Fitbit forever this weekend.I have just returned a surge due to a fault and been given a new one but am so annoyed now that I have spent a day off trying to get my new one to update.My wife has used one for some time and we believed it would be fine for me.

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I LOVE my fitbit but my black wristband cracked.I then purchashed a 3 pack of new ones and the plastic fastener broke.Our students come from a low socio-economic area and parents are not able to financially afford trackers for their children.I contacted Fitbit support since the non-replaceable band on the Charge HR that I purchased for my son as a Christmas gift broke.

Fitbit Connect on a PC requires that the tracker be plugged into the computer via charging cable.I have been trying for 3 days to get my password reset as I am unable to use my fitbit.I have been unable to do this and am still waiting for an email.

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We had gone for a walk to see my steps you could image how upset I was to have lost it.I have previously written about this problem but have not received a reply.Based on many postings I have read on various sites, I am not the only person who has felt this frustration.

Had I not found that contact information I would have never done business with Fitbit again.His birthday day is August 15 and my Fitbit is helping me to honor my son.It is almost march and I am still not able to get to work this silly fitbit.It is not fair and many, many people have complained about the band.

So I have ordered a Garmin Tracker to wear at the same time and compare.No one can resolve the issue other than tell me it has been escalated to the engineering department.The Fitbit official site does say they are water resistant down to 19 meters but goes on to say that they cannot withstand the pressures of swimming.

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